How to Publish a Research Paper in a Journal?

Journals to Publish Research Paper: 1) Visit IJRESM Journal, 2) Visit IJRAMT Journal, 3) Visit IJMDES Journal

If you have already completed the research work and prepared your paper, then this article will guide you to publish a research paper in a journal.

If you need information on how to write a paper for publication in a journal. Do consider reading this article.

Read this article to know a complete guide to research!

Steps to Publish a Research Paper

  • Step-1: Select a journal, that meets your requirements.
  • Step-2: Read the publication process or author guidelines of the journal.
  • Step-3: Follow the guidelines and submit your paper to the journal.
  • Step-4: Wait for the Decision on the Submitted Paper.
  • Step-5: If the paper is accepted, then your article will be published. (Steps in review process)

Journals to Publish Paper

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