How to Write a Paper for Publication in a Journal?

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Do you want to know the easy way to write a paper for publication? This article will guide you to how to write a paper for publication in a journal. Also, this article guide you how to write a paper for project.

Table of Contents

1. Write a Paper for Publication in a Journal

1.1 Sections of the Paper

The sections of the paper may vary depending on the research/project work carried out by you. But some common sections of the manuscript should include the following sections:

  1. Title of the Paper
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methodology
  5. Results and Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

1.1.1 Title of the Paper

The title should be meaningful. Title should be informative, concise and accurate, which should address the key content of the paper.

Some typical examples can be, “Operation of a robot” is not a proper title. You can make it more meaningful, like “Design and Implementation of Robot using Internet of Things”, “A Study on the Operation of the Robot using (methodology)”, ”An Analysis on the Operation of Robot using (methodology)”.

1.1.2 Abstract

This section should present an overview of your research question, methodology used and key findings observed from your results. Anyone who reads an abstract, should understand what the paper is about.

1.1.3 Introduction

In this section, the background information of the research topic, in general, can be presented. A literature survey can also be a part of it or as a separate section. Followed by the identification the research gap from the literature survey, from which objectives can be framed and include them in this section.

1.1.4 Methodology

This section includes the explanation of the research methods, its design, procedures, algorithms etc.

1.1.5 Results and Discussion

This section includes the key findings/Observations made after implementing the methodology. Present them in the form of tables, graphs etc.

Discussion may be continued in this section or as a separate section. 

In the discussion, present the implications of the results and interpretation of the findings. You can also present the comparison of observed results with the existing literature, and can discuss the benefits and limitations of the study.

1.1.6 Conclusion

This section includes the summary of key findings and their implications. Recommendations for future research may also be included in this section.

1.1.7 References

This section includes a citation of resources, which are used in the process of your research work. The authors should include the paper details of the literature survey, websites, textbooks, thesis, etc.

2. Journals to Publish Paper

3. How to Prepare a Paper from a Project or Thesis?

The basic structure of the paper should include,

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature survey
  • Methodology/Main work
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • After completion of the project, you should first prepare the methodology/main work carried out in the project.
  • Next prepare the Results and Discussion section. In which you should analyze or elaborate on the outcome of the project.
  • Next, write the conclusion section, which will be generally written in the past tense.
  • Next, prepare the Introduction section. This should include a brief overview of the project topic in general. (For example: If your project is analyzing the COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning. The introduction may be, How and where COVID has begun. Lockdown, Health issues, Economy, and so on… This is a general discussion on the topic). Note: This is just for an idea. Introduction can be written in different ways.
  • As an undergraduate, the amount of literature survey done by the student is minimum. Hence, if you have done any study on the previous works that are related to your project work, then you can include the literature survey section followed by the problem statement.
  • The next step is to prepare the abstract. The abstract is the brief version of your work.
  • Then select a meaningful title. For example, COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning. A meaningful title can be “A Study on COVID spread prediction using Machine Learning”
  • References are the research articles you have studied, websites links, textbooks you have referred, etc.
  • The extended version of your paper will be your thesis.
  • The shorter version of your thesis will be your paper. (With the sections mentioned above).

4. After Manuscript Preparation

  • After the paper is ready, read the publication process of Journal. (IJRESMIJRAMTIJMDES)
  • Submit paper for publication. (Submit to IJRESMIJRAMTIJMDES)
  • After submission of the paper, the author will receive the decision on the manuscript.
  • Once the paper is accepted, complete the post acceptance steps.
  • Your paper will be processed for publication and the author will receive an email with publication details.

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