How to Publish a Project Paper?

If you are looking to publish project paper, check out the below listed journals to publish paper. If you need more information, continue reading the article.

Project Paper Publication Journals: 1) Visit IJRESM Journal, 2) Visit IJRAMT Journal3) Visit IJMDES Journal

Final Year Project in the academics is a key activity for the students. Which involves identification of the project idea, execution, and documentation. Students are also encouraged to prepare a paper from the results of their project and publish it in a journal.

This article will guide you, how to publish a project paper in a journal.

Table of Contents

1. Steps to Know How to Publish a Project Paper

Assuming you have completed the project, then prepare the paper to submit to a journal. (Read this article to know how to prepare a paper for publication.) You can prepare the paper either in a single column or double column. Alternatively, you can download the manuscript template and prepare the paper.

Publish a Project Paper
  • Step-1: Once the paper is ready, submit your paper online.
  • Step-2: After submitting your paper, you will receive a decision on the manuscript through an email.
  • Step-3: If your paper is accepted, complete the next steps mentioned in the acceptance email. (which may include filling out the copyright form, and completing the payment).
  • Step-4: After completing Step-4, the paper will be published, and the details of publication is sent through email.

Note that, in Step-2, the decision on manuscript may be ACCEPT, REVISION REQUIRED, or REJECT. The authors need to revise their manuscript, if the editor ask for a revision. (Read this article for detailed review process)

2. Journals to Publish Project Paper

After knowing the steps involved in the project paper publication, you should also identify a journal to publish paper. You may consider the following journals to publish project paper (Project Publication Journals).

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email to, we will guide you to publish your project paper.

Important Tip: The paper should be free from plagiarism. This means the content of the paper should not be copied from any other source. Make sure the plagiarism is below 25%. (If you need a plagiarism report, we do offer a plagiarism check service. Contact us at

As a student, publishing a paper in a journal is a rewarding experience that contributes to your academic career and adds value to your resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final-year students carry out projects as part of their academics. Some universities/colleges, ask the students to write a paper and ask them to publish it in a journal. A paper typically contains an Abstract, Introduction, Literature survey, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. Read this article for more details.

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