How to Publish Project Paper?

Are you looking to know, how to write and publish your project paper?

As a student, you will do a project and your professor/university will ask you to publish paper! But, the question is, how to write a paper and publish in a journal?

This article, will guide you, how to prepare a paper and publish project paper in a journal.

Steps to Publish Project Paper:

Step-1: Assuming you have completed the project, prepare the paper to submit to a journal. (Know how to prepare a paper)

Step-2: Read the publication process of the journal

Step-3: Follow the steps in the publication process and submit your paper

Step-4: After submitting your paper, you will receive decision on the manuscript through an email.

Step-5: Complete the next steps, mentioned in the acceptance mail.

Step-6: After completing step-5, your paper will be published and receive an communication with publication link.

Check these journals to publish project paper: IJRESMIJRAMTIJMDES

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