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RESAIM Publishing offers online services to publish research papers. Find the journals to publish papers. All the journals accept submissions from all the academic disciplines. Authors can submit research articles, academic projects, review articles, case reports, clinical studies, short reports, and method articles. 

Journals to Publish Paper

Submit Paper to IJRESM

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Submit Paper to IJMDES

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How to publish paper in journal?
  1. Submit paper to the journal.
  2. Author will receive decision on the manuscript.
  3. After acceptance, fill the copyright form and pay the publication fee.
  4. After step-3, paper will be published.
Where to publish research paper?

There are many journals available to publish paper. Each journal has scope of publication. If your paper is about mechanical engineering concept, choose a journal that publishes in that area. Alternatively, you can choose a multidisciplinary journal to publish your paper. You can consider the below journals to publish your paper. 1) IJRESM 2) IJRAMT 3) IJMDES

What is paper publication in project?

As an undergraduate, the students carry out projects as part of their academics. The university/college may ask to prepare a paper from their project and ask to publish in journals. Read this article to know more about project paper publication.

Can I publish my own research paper?

Anyone can publish research paper. It can be academic work, industrial or self-conducted research work. 

Can I publish a paper without affiliation?

Yes, you can publish paper without affiliation. Research is not limited to academics or industry. Anyone can carry out research and publish paper without affiliation.

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